Kommentar von Klaus Lüttgen |

Vorsicht vor Verbrechern im Internet!

Jede art von Werbung und einbringen von links auf meiner Webseite sind hiermit ausdrücklich verboten und werden umgehend den Ermittlungsbehörden gemeldet. kriminelle IP - Adressen werden für jeden sichtbar veröffentlicht
IP 5.188.48.
Any kind of advertising and inclusion of links on my website are hereby expressly forbidden and will be reported to the investigating authorities immediately. criminal IP addresses are published so that they can be seen by everyone.
unten anstehend - einer der Verbrecher und hier seine IP !!!
pending below - one of the criminals and here his IP !!!

Kommentar von DianeEnhab |

Here I call myself DianeEnhab, allias Cheryldaf - Bonnienonry - AngelAdaf and so on. "We" always pull off the same, cheap and boring number. We are all criminals - characterless and too lazy and too stupid to work. As cowardly criminals we sleep during the day and then at night with these emails to cheat people. Our parents are ashamed of our scams. Therefore, please report every movement we make so that we can go to prison as quickly as possible - where we belong!


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Kommentar von rosse |

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