Medals for the Coast

Vancouver - San Francisco  26.08.2016 - 07.10.2016 


...Sie gilt als eine der schönsten Traumstraßen dieser Welt. Der Highway 101 führt mich in den Regenwald des Olympic Nationalpark nach Washington, an die zauberhafte Nebelküste Oregon's und zu den majestätischen Redwoods in Kalifornien. Auf meinem Weg von Vancouver nach San Francisco besuche ich die Menschen in den Städten und mache Halt bei Feuerwehrstationen und Leuchttürmen entlang der Küste. Im Gepäck transportiere ich Gastgeschenke von Zuhause, Karnevalsorden aus meiner Heimatstadt Köln...

Vancouver - San Francisco

Highway 101 will lead me to the rainforest of Olympic National Park in Washington, to Oregon's magical misty coast and to the majestic redwoods in California. On my way from Vancouver to San Francisco, I will visit people in the cities and stop at fire stations and lighthouses along the coast. In the luggage I will carry presents from home: carnival medals from my hometown Cologne (on the Rhine).

In 2011, Klaus Lüttgen went on an epic journey with his old ladies city bike.

20,000 Carnival Medals for Alaska

On his way from Vancouver north to Alaska and back, Klaus carried the legacy of his father Karl Lüttgen. He was a well-known collector in Cologne. When Karl died, he left his son more than 20,000 carnival medals. Because father and son had very different views on life, their ways unfortunately parted very early. Klaus went away from home. Both planned on reconciling, but, as is often the case in life, this remained a good intention. In August 2008, it was too late. Karl Lüttgen died alone in his small apartment in Cologne.

Klaus could not accept this.
Because of the difficult relationship with his father, Klaus had always dreamed of the big wide world, and especially of faraway America. A dream dreamed by many children.
In 2011 he makes a decision: to fund his bike trip to Alaska, Klaus sells his restored vintage motorcycle, a Yamaha XS 60. The 20,000 carnival medals he gave to a carnival museum in Cologne.

With 200 carnival medals 7000 km on endless highways from Vancouver to Fairbanks and back.

On the 7,000 km journey, he had 4 months to think, Klaus Lüttgen recounts about his adventure. "Whether in the cities or on lonely highways in Canada and Alaska. On the way I repeatedly met friendly people which were very thankful for my small presents. My father's carnival medals thus become a symbol of reconciliation and I have eventually found peace with him".


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